Before buying faucet

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  • Choosing faucet that has all functions you need, beautiful design, easy to use and suit with your decorative style.
  • Using a faucet that can be cleaned easily to prevent its surface peeling and rusting from bathroom cleaner.
  • Wash basin faucet should be equipped with ceramic valve. It can be 90 degree turning or adjusting lever to open-close system. It is easy and long-life usage.
  • If you need faucet that has both cold and hot water, you should select a mixture faucet. A single mixture faucet has one handler for open and close by lifting it up and down and adjust temperature by turning left and right. A dual mixture faucet has two handlers, each handler control hot and cold water separately by turning 90 degree clockwise or anti clockwise.
  • Choosing faucet that suits with your basin. Tip of a faucet’s spout should extend into basin at least 5 centimeter for convenient use and prevent water splashing.
  • You may look for additional or multi-functioned faucet for more convenience such as sensor faucet and faucet that has both drinking water and using water as 2 function in 1.

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