Why stainless steel ?

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Stainless Steel is steel alloy which is high corrosion resistance property and a minimum of 10.5% chromium content. The chromium content will help forming film layer to resist to corrosion and it can be rebuilt itself if the film layer is scratched or destroyed. In addition, it can be added other chemical content in Stainless Steel for property adjustment as required for various utilization.

Grades of Stainless Steel

Choosing any grade of Stainless Steel is depend on product category, quality and usage purpose

  • Grade 201 : The fundamental grade which is widely used to produce household appliance such as wireware, tray etc.
  • Grade 302 : It is used for kitchen appliance, fumiture fitting and architectural work
  • Grade 304 : It is widely used in many food and medical industries, kitchen appliance, bathroom accessories, sanitary fittings water tank and door hardware.
  • Grade 316 : “Marine grade” suitable for chemical industries, medical applications architectural and coastal industries which are located sea front with salty ambience.

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