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Product Model: FZVHY-J328AB
Barcode: 8851236020988
Product Name: Base
Product Category: FAUCET

Product Spec
Stainless Steel 304

Warranty information : 12 Years
Product Status : AVAILABLE



  • HFVSB-2000K4

    Deck single basin faucet

  • HFVSB-3120K4

    Wall single shower faucet for hand shower

  • HFVJC-7120K6

    Wall tap with hose connector

  • HFVJC-7120K7

    Wall tap

  • HFVJC-9120K11

    Two ways stop valve

  • HFVJC-9120K12

    Three ways stop valve

  • HFVJC-9120K13

    Two ways stop valve with base

  • HFVJC-9120K14

    Three ways stop valve with cover base

  • HFVJC-9120K16

    Dual control three ways stop valve

  • HFVSB-4002D9

    Deck Dual Control Mixer Bath Faucet with Hand Shower

  • HFVSB-1120G6

    Wall single sink faucet

  • HFVSB-3120D3

    Wall single shower faucet for hand shower