Job opportunity:

Be the part of our commitment to the excellence of Stainless Steel faucet industry with the cooperative working environment and team work packed with creativity, quality and readiness for sustainable development and growth with social responsibility.
Our company is looking for the new generation with high energetic, creative and ready to grow forwards with the organization

Corporate values
Cutting edge innovation, Customer satisfaction Human resources concentration, Social responsibility

Compensation & Benefits
1. Social Security - This fund is established as reserve for employees in case of the sickness, maternity, disability or death which is not due to work
2. Workmen's Compensation - Fund A fund established for employees in case of illness or loss arising from the work
3. Personal accident insurance - Insurance coverage of all cases 24 Hrs
4. Annual Health Checkup
5. Appropriate and necessary training course both inside and outside the company
6. Aid fund for employees and family members
7. Mobile phone for internal and external coordinating communication
8. Villa welfare for relaxation for employees up to Level B2
9. Annual New Year party for employees