Corporate Social Responsibility

The beginning of “Clean Toilet” Project

V.R.Handle Co.,Ltd.has a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, as the Company believes in giving back to the society and contribute to the uplift of Thai society. The Company has been working with students, teachers and communities in order to help promote the sanitation and awareness to maintain cleanness of the toilets. The Company has been donating funds to build public toilets and introducing its innovative faucets and rinsing spray with water saving design to the community for students and people with disability.

“Clean Toilet” is the suitable model for comfort, convenience and hygiene to all users with friendliness to environment.

The purposes of “Clean Toilet” Project :

  • 1) Design and construct for the hygienic toilet for educational institutes
  • 2) Be the toilet model of hygienic management with environmentally friendly for educational personnel, educational institutes and communities
  • 3) Be the trial model of water resources conservation
  • 4) Corporate activities for social responsibility

The organizations and parties related to “Clean Toilet” Project :

  • 1) V.R.Union Co.,Ltd. and V.R.Handle Co.,Ltd. (VRH)
  • 2) Selected Educational institutions
  • 3) Teachers, students and communities
  • 4) Ministry of Education
  • 5)  Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health
  • 6) Community Management Unit such as Municipality Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO), Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO) etc.

The following are the list of “Clean Toilet” Project that the Company has been working with:

  • 1. “Wat Tha Sao” School, Samut Sakorn Province in 2006
  • 2. “Baan Suan Luang” School, Samut Sakorn in 2008
  • 3. “Bang Prea Pratom Pittaya” School, Rachaburi Province in 2011
  • 4. “Wat Mai Nong Pra Ong” School, Samut Sakorn Province in 2011
  • 5. “Po Ta Wattana Sa Nee” School, Rachaburi Province in 2011
  • 6. “Kratumban Viseth Samuthakul, Samutsakorn Province
  • 7. “Bang Pae Prathom Vittaya”, Rachaburi Province
  • 8. “Krub Yai Wongkusol Phittayakom”, Rachaburi Province
  • 9. “Luangpho Khoon Parisutho Techincal College”, Nakorn Ratchasrima Province
  • 10. “Baan Chong Kraphat”, Chanthaburi Province
  • 11. “Krub Yai Wongkusol Phittayakom”, Rachaburi Province
  • 12. “Sai Thamma-Chan”, Rachaburi Province
  • 13. “Wat Suwanrattanaram” Samutsakorn Province
  • 14.”Wat Kang Hang Maew”, Chanthaburi Province
  • 15. “Satri Ang-Thong”, Ang-Thong Province
  • 16. “Baan Kaerai Kaset Phunthupitthayakarn” , Samutsakorn Province
  • 17. “Ratchamorikarnukroh”, Rachaburi Province
  • 18. “Benjamarachutit” school, Rachaburi Province

The Company, as part of its CSR activities, has funded 18 projects across the country. Since 2014, the Company has been working with the Benjamarachutit School, Ratchaburi, as part of its on going CSR project.